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If there's any Gentoo fans here, I'm sure you've heard of all the trouble Gentoo-Wiki and Gentoo-Portage are in now due to incompetent hosting.

I was just wondering whether Linode would consider sponsoring Gentoo-Wiki and Gentoo-Portage, at least to get them started. Mike Valstar, who maintains both sites, has posted the requirements on the interim page (

> At minimum 8 cores, 16 GB ram and 50 Gigs of space with a 10Mbit pipe (1.5 - 2Mbit average output).

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Looks like he found a VMWare hosting solution:

> I have settled on going with a friend of the wiki Jeremy McSpaden's offer at this point
> I will be setting up VMware servers on this box Friday Oct 24th for both sites.

Too bad. After reading his tale of woe, I think experiencing the stellar customer service at Linode would have cheered him up.

Perhaps you could offer him some offsite backup space…

(I find myself with little sympathy for his tale of woe…)

EDIT: (And in all fairness, Mike acknowledges this)



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