How can I remotely retrieve my website's files?

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can you please give me instructions how I can get the website files downloaded from my server to my computer?


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Hi there,

We have a few guides for backing up your data from your server, and I'd be happy to list them below to see what we may be able to do to help:

This one covers using the 'rsync' utility at the Linode's SSH terminal to download files and directories.

This guide shows how to connect via SSH.

This guide shows how to use FileZilla to access your Linode. FileZilla is a visual file explorer for your server, and is often the most intuitive way to remotely copy or download your files.

If your server has a database, then you may need to generate a database 'dump' file. This is a representation of the database's data in a file that can be copied off the server just like other files. These guides cover how to do that at the terminal for different database software:

Guide 1
Guide 2
Guide 3

I hope that helps!


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