How to Install & Configure NTP

Having had the 'Your system's clock is slow' message, I'm looking at NTP for the first time.

Linode don't appear to have one of their excellent guides on this topic.
'apt-get install ntp' does the install, ntpd is running, but I suspect it's not doing any synchronising as there's no servers configured in /etc/ntp.conf

Do Linode provide NTP servers which I should list?

If not, using any server I can find by googling seems improper.
I'm wondering if there is an 'official' setup I should follow.

Further, I'm using iptables, but only to restrict incoming traffic. So presumably this isn't a problem for NTP?

[Using Debian 8]

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There isn't really an 'official' setup for NTP. You can use just about any public NTP server for synchronization. You can find a wealth of information on public NTP servers on the official NTP website

In addition, I was able to track down this page on the Debian website, referring users to the official NTP website for determining which NTP servers to use.

You can enable it with the following command:

timedatectl set-ntp true

You can check the status with any of the following commands:

systemctl status systemd-timesyncd.service


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