Moving MySQL & SVN Repo's from CentOS 5.2 to Fedora 10

I thought I'd ask before doing anything that's either too much work or just stupid.

I've moved all my website files over to the Fedora 10 disk image also copied the httpd.conf and php.ini files to keep my settings, when I booted up the Fedora 10 image. Everything worked as it should. Now I'm wondering..

I've got about 4 subversion repositories set up in /opt/svn. Could I just move the whole svn dir over to the Fedora 10 disk image and would subversion and stuff still be working the way it should? Or am I safer with checking the repo's out and starting over?

Same with MySQL. I see all the data being stored in /var/lib/mysql, is it wise to just copy those files over to the new disk image. Or would it be better to export / import .sql files?

The subversion packages installed are both on version '1.5.4' and MySQL is 5.0.45 on the old and 5.0.67 on the new.

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It generally it is always better to import/export, rather than copy a directory.

I'd say do an svn co and re-create your layout (see LINK). The same would go for your MySQL tables. I, personally, would recommend shutting down your webserver for awhile and then exporting your tables, or finding a way to cold export them. I think mysqldump was made for this kinda thing.

on old server:

svnadmin dump myrepos > dumpfile

on new server:

svnadmin load newrepos < dumpfile

I agree with Melz. Using an intermediary svn dumpfile is by far the easiest way to do this.

BTW, just doing an svn co, you'd lose all historical data.

Thanks alot! :)

Figured as much, but was just looking for an easy way to copy everything over.. but I followed your suggestions ;

Just now shutted down the old server, mysqldumped everything. Rebooted into the other disk image. There imported all the mysql stuff again. Works like a breeze so far.

As for SVN, figured as much with the historical data. Wouldn't be that much of a problem but the svn dumpfile is awesome! Didn't know that, so thanks alot for mentioning it :)

Repo's seem to be working fine as well.

Thanks again :D


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