OMG! Linode and AMIGA??????

HA! I can't believe I didn't see that before!

Take a look at the page.

The top computer icon is an Amiga 500! I have THREE of them at home. I am a huge fan of the Amiga (have 5 total).

Plus, the picture is named "/l33tDEVa500.png" as in "Eleet development A500"


Man, Linode just moved about 8 spaces up in my ladder. :-)

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Ha… And I always thought it was just an old IBM "clicky" keyboard (circa PS/2 System 60) like I used to have.

mmm qbasic….

I thought the same thing actually then I noticed a small slit on the side…so I zoomed in and sure enough…the floppy.

Can someone from Linode reply to this? I know it's not important but super cool to say the least.

Haha, cool, never noticed that. Ahh, the memories..

I still have a Commodore 64 in the closet.


Yeah, I've got a C64 too. And a C16, C128 (2 of them), Plus/4, 5-7 Ataris, CoCo, etc…I even have a Mattel Aquarius. Hehehe

I am the ultra nerd…

I used a TRS-100 ultraportable on a submarine in the '80s. One of the other sailors had a big Osborne suitcase computer he couldn't bring on board, since he had no storage. I tried to persuade him into buying one of the new IBM Personal Computers (IBM PC) that had just come out, but he knew the future was CP/M…



That's awesome. Of course, I thought Amiga would be around forever…even though it was far superior to Mac/IBM in 1985. :-)


I used a TRS-100 ultraportable on a submarine in the '80s.
I had one of those (a TRS-100, not a submarine) - weren't they great?

I still have two TRS M100s in operable condition. Some news reporters used them into the new century due to their extended battery life compared to earlier laptops.



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