Very Very pleased.

I'm very pleased I've been using linode for a couple of months for personal sites. Then a couple of weeks ago a couple sites that I run as business and such myself and some of my colleagues decided to transfer the sites to linode to hopefully increase speed and have some better control over the site. We started by closing the sites for a day I had already configured a linode 360 with everything and we then transfered everything over switched the dns records and such. We ran it for about a week on there and we were worried that we might not have enough space for a new project so I put in a ticket to upgrade the linode. Within 15 minutes of submitting that ticket It was upgraded and migrated in another 15. I'm very pleased and can't think of changing hosts anytime soon.

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My experience as well. I have transferred about half of my sites here and upgraded to a 720. Service is excellent.



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