How many people have you referred?

So my current count is at four with one person canceling before the 90 days, how many people have you referred to linode and recieved credit for?

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I'm at 12 so far, and I just signed up last July. The key is to write an article on your blog that explains why Linode rocks, and link from your article to Linode with your referral code. Be honest, and explain in your article that you receive a referral.

Well damn, 12?

I got one paid, none pending.

It was a referral from my blog.

Now I'm going to have to push it harder! :)

I try to speak of Linode all the time to my IRC and work colleages. I know of only a few that actually signed up (and that was before the existing referral program…damn…I might have to add a plug or two more to my blogs.

I'm on 1 so far.

A second should be due in a few weeks if not less!

I've been a member since mid last year, and also have a few other friends who have been using it.

Well I have referred 3 people but 2 of them were before the referral program so 1 I get credit for :)


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