Unverified IP address... :)

I am out of town on vacation. I just attempted to log into my control console from a remote location.

When I tried to login, I received a message that this address is not my usual login address and that it is unverified. The message indicated that the linode owner would be receiving an email to verify authorization before access would be allowed.

This is a very good security feature!!!

Linode can't be beat!


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Yes you can. There's a whitelist editor linked from the Account Security section on your My Profile page, complete with netmask support. The link appears when you enable the feature.



Was there an announcement I missed?

heh .. no, irgeek pushed it out yesterday. Nice work, James!


My highest personal and professional compliments, gentlemen.


And now, observe the mad scrambling as everyone rushes to delete all of those barely recognized IP addresses from the whitelist… 8)

If only there was a simple way to see what the host name was for them at a glance…

This is a horrible feature that offers no security and only inconvenience for those of us who use more than 1 computer or have a dynamic IP address.

The whitelist feature doesn't work (never has) and I'm currenly locked out from administering my boxes (one of which is down for some unknown reason.) Even though I requested access, Linode isn't sending the "verification" email, so I have no recourse.

Yes this is a rant.

And what do you know, I can't post to their forum (or log a support ticket because I get this error message:

ould not connect to smtp host : mail.linode.com : 111 : Connection refused

It can be disabled, and has been disableable since Day 1 (or at least Day ${smallnum}):

My Profile -> Account Security -> Disabled -> Save security setting

You can also raise a human at Linode by e-mailing support@linode.com, or (if all else fails) calling them. They don't tend to let us forum trolls mess with peoples' accounts.

(Also, it appears you can post.)


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