I'm not able to transfer my DNS zone file using the DNS Manager, why not?

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When I try to use the Import a zone function of the Linode DNS Manager I keep getting the error:

The nameserver 'ns1.example.com' is not authoritative for 'example-site.com'

But that is where the domain is currently being hosted:

dig NS example-site.com +short

Why am I not able to import the zone file?

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The authoritative nameserver will need to be set up for AXFR in order for DNS zone files to be imported. An AXFR record is a type of DNS record used for DNS replication

You can check if the nameserver has axfr configured by running the following dig or host commands:

dig axfr @ns1.example.com example-site.com
host -t axfr example-site.com ns1.example.com

You'll receive a Transfer failed message if the nameserver is not configured for AXFR.

If the authoritative nameserver isn't configured to allow zone transfers then the DNS Manager won't be able to import the zone file for your domain. You'll have to manually configure the DNS zone file.


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