How can I monitor outbound traffic from my Linode?

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The outbound traffic from my Linode is very high and I would like to know more about the traffic. What commands or logs can I check?

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One good way to check the current outbound traffic on your Linode is the following command:
sudo netstat -nputw

If you find that most of the traffic is HTTP, you can find more information by tcpdumping the traffic for a bit.

Step 1: Start dumping the traffic
sudo tcpdump -i any -w /tmp/http.log &

Step 2: Run your application or test your webpage

Step 3: Stop tcpdump
sudo killall tcpdump

Step 4: read the log file
sudo tcpdump -A -r /tmp/http.log | less

You may want to look over Daniel Miessler's tcpdump Primer with Examples for more information on tcpdump and the wealth of options available.


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