Need your tips for setting up a linode with static content

So this linode is going to serve nothing but all static HTML pages, images etc. Absolutely no dynamic scripts at all.

What software do you suggest I install? No PHP and MySQL of course. But Apache or Lighttpd? Anything else I should take care of to make the box able to serve as many page views a month as possible?

What could be the bottle necks of such a linode? Let's assume there's unlimited monthly transfer. CPU? RAM? Hard disk IO speed?

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use nginx.

you'd most likely get network bound, then io bound.

Pretty much any common web server will be reasonably good at serving static content efficiently. The big differences are related to dynamic content: Apache with mod_php melts under modest load without considerable tuning, even with non-PHP content. So, if you go the Apache route, be mindful of the MPM configuration.

I personally use lighttpd… it's svelte, speedy, easier to configure (in my experience), and is reasonably well-documented.


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