Yahoo blocking mail?

Mail from my linode to yahoo is being flagged as spam with the "X-YahooFilteredBulk" header set, and no other reason.

Checking a number of RBLs the only one my IP is in is the craptastic one run by UCEprotect (we've laughed at those idiots in this forum before).

I'm in the 66.160.141.* range

Anyone else seeing this? Have an idea of how to get off the yahoo bulk list? Or am I going to have to implement their messed up DKIM system (I have valid SPF) in order to make my mail appear clean? Will that even solve my problem?

(FWIW, no, I've never sent bulk mail… yes, yahoo is crap… I'd like a solution :-))

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(Edit: sorry, replying to old post)

I've seen this with various sources trying to email yahoo. So it's not you.

They have some generic form page to submit and get off their bad list, but it doesn't work. They do not respond to email requests, either.

Yahoo is the worst email service. I can't believe people use that crap.

I've had issues with yahoo, hotmail etc, sometimes it depends on the content of the email, try changing the content around, removing links etc see if you can get it through.

FWIW I have trouble sending to yahoo addresses too, from a cpanel setup with SPF in-situ.

Googling this issue some other people said they found that emails containing IP addresses were causing them to be blocked as spam.

However I didn't find this. I couldn't send a simple "Hello World" email to a yahoo account.

Really sucks. The only decent advice I've seen is to tell people not to use yahoo mail :(

BTW sorry for the late post - I've been away and am just catching-up!


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