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I have about 7.5G of files in an iBackup account that I want to transfer to my Linode. I could just rsync them. However, this doesn't seem very friendly to other users on my server:) I don't really care if they take several days to transfer, so is there a way to limit the speed of the transfer?


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… is there a way to limit the speed of the transfer?
you could try the rsync –bwlimit=KBPS option (man rsync)

Alternatively, don't sweat it and let it rip. :-) The pipes are plenty big, and the limiting factor will probably be on iBackup's end (a per-download "safety cap"). Even if you do manage to saturate the 1 gigabit/second links on either end, 7.5GB will take about ~75 seconds to transfer.

Big file transfers are like ripping duct tape off of a wound: just go for it and it'll hurt less. -rt


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