Im really stuck here guys. Please help. Thanks.

I have a previous post but not getting a response so thought id post again.

Please take a look here

Any suggestions much appreciated.


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Hey there,

It looks like the issue that you're seeing is occurring because you're accessing Lish through your browser, when instead you need to click on the Launch Graphical Web Console link from the remote access tab of your Linode Manager and enter the commands there. Once you've accessed this console, you just need to login normally and enter the following commands:

 sudo apt-get install xfce4

I just got this set up on ubuntu 18 to make sure your distro is compatible, so I think follow those steps should work for you.

Hope that helps!

Hi and thanks for your reply.

See my screen recording to show im sure im doing exactly this but getting an error no matter what i try?

Thanks again.

No problem at all, I'm happy to help. Have you been able to try accessing Glish through a different web browser? Some browsers can have compatibility issues with Glish, so I think trying a different one may work for you. That error specifically usually occurs for this reason.

mate you are SPOT ON! It was Chrome not allowing the connection. I downloaded Firefox and it worked first time.

Thanks for all your help guys. Much appreciated.

Have a great day


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