Why We Will Never Leave Linode

My previous company started with Linode, where I was owner. I eventually got a position with another company, and the first thing asked was, "hurr durr, I found slicehost on the Google tubes!"

After that thought was squashed, we simply changed information on the account to reflect the new owner, and updated billing information for the company credit card.

So far, we have run one Linode. We run a web hosting division on the thing. It also hosts our CRM (vTiger), our SVN repo for dev work, our VNC repeater, several text-based games (PennMUSHes), file storage, and it used to do a shoutcast station.

So far, the only negative thing about Linode has been when they did an unscheduled reboot and my box refused to come back up.

Here's a hint, though: In 90% of the cases, its your guest OS configuration that made your Linode not come back up. In our case, something thought it would be AWESOME to bring eth0 up as the private network IP.

I like Linode so much that we're gonna resell the damn things to people with Paypal and Google Checkout. Those people can have their Linode goodness and Caker doesn't have to deal with their damned paypal accounts.

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