How to restore individual files from backup?

Is there a way to restore individual files from the Linode backups? From what I gather I have to restore everything to a linode partition, new or existing. Then it should be just a matter retrieving the file…

Can I download the backup to search on my computer?


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There isn't a direct method to restore specific files from your Linode Backups. However, you can still accomplish this by taking a few extra steps!

1) Add a new Linode to your account
2) Restore the backup to the new Linode
3) Transfer the files
4) Enjoy!

Once you're done, you can remove the Linode holding the restored disks in order to save money on your account.

Alternatively, if you have plenty of unallocated disk space on your Linode plan, you can restore to the same Linode, however you'll need to boot into the Restored configuration profile in order to access the restored files.


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