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This fact is not really that important to the situation, however although I'm using an unsupported custom configuration (Windows Server), the install works fine when booting off of the Linode disk. However, I have decided to try installing it onto a Volume, which according to Linode supports booting off of.

When attempting to boot off the Volume instead of the Disk, I get the error "Cannot Direct Disk boot a disk with no MBR". Using Recovery mode, the Volume shows two partitions, with one being bootable.

Has anyone else had experience booting off of a Volume?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Linode Staff

It sounds like Windows may not have been installed correctly. Although it's possible to install directly to a Block Storage Volume, the recommended method for booting from a Volume is to install to a regular Linode disk and then duplicate the disk to a Volume:

Boot From Block Storage Volume

Alternatively, you can install the OS locally to a virtual machine on your computer and then use dd to copy the disk over SSH to your Volume while your Linode is in Rescue Mode. By proceeding this way, you can install directly from the iso using an iso mounting tool like PowerISO or create a bootable USB drive with a tool like UNetbootin

Thorner, thanks for that link. I totally overlooked that while I was researching.

I tried copying the data from the disk to the volume, same issue. But if I copied the data from the volume to the disk, that worked fine. I guess there is something Linode doesn't like about having the MBR on block storage?

Hello, tell me how you could install windows please help me, because I am facing the same problem, if possible create a video step by step thanks

Going around asking strangers on the internet to make a step by step video for you probably isn't a great way to learn something.

The basic process for creating a "Winode" is available here.


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