redirecting a catch-all to gmail

what I would like to achieve is this : whenever I register at I use

all mail sent to catch-all addresses (there is no mailbox for these addresses) are re-sent to my address.

  • How can I create a catch-all address on linode ?

  • How cain I create this incredibly useful kind of redirect ?

Thanks in advance !

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You probably want something like Postfix's fallback_transport: … _transport">


Just keep in mind that any spam run against your domain means a lot of emails coming to you..

I personally use postfix's recipient delimiter thing..

so assume my email address is, i can send anything to and it gets sent to which you could forward if you wanted to..

Atleast then they have to get the prefix right.

I've been using Gsuite for 15+ years to enable this "email address for each website" concept. Now I'm looking to move off GMail.
Is anyone else doing something similar and what tools are you using for spam filtering and email redirection?


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