How to forward to multiple addresses on Postfix?

This may seem like a silly question since it seems like the answer should be simple, but I've googled up and down without a clue.

I want email to forward to more than one address, running postfix attached to MySQL. I've tried seperating addresses with all kinds of rfc compliant delimiters and only the first address is forwarded to.

I'd prefer to do this directly in Postfix if I can without having to install something that has far more capabilities than I really need, such as mailman.

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I also struggled with this a few weekends ago. Use a space as the delimiter in the 'destination' column in the 'forwardings' table.

I posted a comment a bit ago explaining this on … an-5-lenny"> , but it doesn't seem to have been approved yet.

That seemed to do the trick, and seems so obvious I probably should have tried it already. At the same time though it seems like it's breaking a rule or something, but I'm not a guru on postfix inner workings by any means.

Great guys! This worked perfectly. I happened to be using the PDM manager for ubuntu 10.04, and from the command line script you use to add aliases, forwards, etc the space between the multiple forwards didn't work.

By going into webmin's MySQL server menu and editing the tables myself it worked perfectly!

Thank both of you very much :)

That's weird, I've been using a comma and a space for multiple-address forwardings for a long time now and it works. Just added a new one and tested OK.

This kind of thing concerns me, maybe it will break next time I update/upgrade something, but thanks for posting so I'll remember the first thing to check when it stops working.


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