How do I SSH into my Linode using Windows?

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I can't figure out how to login to my Linode using SSH. I am currently using PuTTY. Could you please help?

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Connecting via SSH can sometimes seem a bit complicated the first time you set it up, especially if you're using Windows.


PuTTY is one of the most common SSH tools for Windows. Here's the link for our PuTTY specific instructions, but I'll also try to break it down for you:

SSH Connections Using PuTTY on Windows

A very basic PuTTY SSH connection simply involves putting your IP address in the "Host Name" field, entering 22 as the port, and making sure the connection type is set to SSH. When clicking "Open" for the first time, you may be prompted with a security warning asking you to trust the host. In most cases it is fine to click "Yes" but you can certainly verify the fingerprint matches your host by following the instructions in the link above.

If you have disabled password authentication on your server and instead require an SSH key, you may need to use the PuTTY Key Generator utility. Those instructions can be found here:

Use Public Key Authentication with SSH

Using Lish

Linode provides a unique browser based tool called Lish (Linode Shell) for easy access to your server's console. This is helpful if you're having issues with SSH or aren't able to connect. Lish can be launched on the "Remote Access" tab of your Linode's Dashboard under the "Launch Console" section. Here's a link with more information:

Using the Linode Shell (Lish)

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

On the latest versions of Windows 10, Microsoft has included a feature called the "Windows Subsystem for Linux". Once enabled, it allows you to install a linux distribution directly from the Microsoft Store. This provides a nearly complete Linux operating system that you can run inside your Windows desktop - including a fully functional bash environment.

Microsoft Website: Installing WSL

From the WSL bash, you can ssh directly into your Linode by following our getting started guide:

Connect to your Linode via SSH


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