how do I use putty without using port 22

I have trouble with my websites due to port 80 and port 433 blocked in the firewall. When I was editing the firewall using UFW and I didn't include allow port 22.
And now I have the problem of not been able to use Putty as port 22 is not available. I tried using Telnet on port 23 but that didn't work either.
Does anyone have any ideas on how get around this problem so that I can edit the firewall and include port 22.

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You could try using the Lish Console -- with that you should be able to log in to your Linode and then make any adjustments.

You can also launch Putty from the Windows command line and pass it -P then your ssh port. Or, you can use a tool such as Super Putty to manage your Putty sessions that would allow you to specify a port in the GUI.

You can get Super Putty HERE.

Used Lish control to fix problem. Thanks for your help


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