How can I copy my disk?

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Is there a way to download an "image" of an instance? In case i want to shut down a linode instance now BUT i would like to use the same configuration in the future (in 3 months), is there a way to preserve the instance and download it?

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Hi there,

You wouldn't be able to download an image of any instance directly through the Linode Manager, however you should always be able to copy your disk directly through SSH, or even choose to be more selective with your file transfers.

One method that may be the easiest, and seems to be the most what you're looking for, would be to copy your disk directly over SSH. For a little more information regarding how to do this I'm including some documentation below which should help:

Copying a Disk Over SSH

For more select file transfers, you may also want to try using tools like filezilla, or the scp command:


I hope that helps!


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