My website is loading slowly, what can I do?

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My website doesn't respond sometimes, and other times it works but it loads very slowly. What can I do to improve the response time?

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Hi there,

So if your website is loading slowly that typically indicates that you need to make some internal configuration changes to improve the response time. What those changes are depends on your internal configuration, but you can use this tool to isolate some of the problem areas:

A good place to start would be to check your currently running processes and your memory.
Running the following commands will do that:

free -m

Finally, another good step would be to follow these guides for tuning Apache and MySQL:

The configuration of your website is unique so it is difficult for us to isolate what is causing your site to load slowly without access, but if you run through the above resources you should be able to clean some things up and improve your response time.

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