Setting RAM for memcached (wordpress+nginx+php-fpm)


Im using linode 512 and I have setup nginx+memcached for my wordpress blog!

Currently my sql data base weights about 80mb and I have set memcached ram for 50MB Do i need to adjust ram to match my database size?

Seems like im getting about 4% in memcached GET MISSES and do i need to increase the ram for memcached?


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Some percentage of misses are to be expected. Here's how caching works:

Your program realizes is needs object XYZ.

It checks the cache for object XYZ and finds it's not there (this generates a 'miss').

It gets object XYZ from the data and sticks it in the cache for next.

So, every object that's in the cache probably generated a miss the first time Wordpress looked for it.

Don't worry about how many misses you're seeing, just pay attention to how full the cache is getting. If it's >75% full after a while, you may want to bump the size up a bit.

thank you very much for your reply! :) currently my misses is 3% ill monitor this! :)


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