Linodes with 5M+ inodes?

Which Linode boxes have more than 5 million inodes? Or, how do I increase the number of inodes on a Linode box when I install an image on it?

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Which filesystem? If you use ext4, inodes can be less of a problem. That said, the number of inodes is a function of two things: at-mkfs-time options and the size of the filesystem (it's typically a ratio).

man mkfs.ext4 for formatting options.

Hope that helps,

Mine is an ext4, Linode 1024 plan, 20GB space, 1,213,440 inodes total.

If I make a new Linode, where in the menus must I go to basically get a larger number of inodes?

Linode Staff

You can't from within the Linode Manager or API as you inherit the formatting options from the image you're deploying from.

To accomplish your own format, you'll need to create a disk, format it with your options, and then copy over the distro into it. Here's are some steps:

Start with an empty Linode. Deploy a distro or image to it - but don't use all of the free space. Also create an empty disk. Boot into rescue mode with sda as your blank disk and sdb as your distro disk. Use mkfs with your options to format /dev/sda. Then mount sda and sdb, and cp -a /mount/sdb /mount/sda. Create a new config profile with your new disk image as /dev/sda and swap as sdb. Boot the config profile. That should get you there…

The alternative approach would be to create a blank disk, add it to your config profile, mkfs and mount it somewhere, and then use that mountpoint for whatever it is you're needing loads of inodes for.


your first approach works very well. thanks


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