load balance do what i need?


Not sure this post is in the right place, I'm completely new to all this linux stuff but want to find out if the following will achiebe what i want to achieve

I have a vps in the uk (not a linode), this is running a advert server, most of my traffic comes from USA and canada, so if i setup a linode in newark and load balance the 2, will people in the usa and canada be delivered adverts quicker as they would be using the resources of the usa linode? (would they be using the resources of the usa linode?)

my uk vps has cpanel and i belive i would need to install cpanel dns on the linode ? how i do this i have no idea?


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You seem to be talking about geographic server load balancing, where queries are routed to a given server based on network location/country.

It's fairly involved to set some load balancing like this up especially for someone new to Linux stuff. Do you know how you are going to do it? The Linode Library might help you out a little with some ideas of what's possible.

Have you really exhausted the load of a single server? Or are you just wanting to do this for some other reason?

If most of your traffic is from the US and Canada, and you haven't exhausted the resources of a single server, why not simply move the whole thing to a US data center?

i don't have a clue how to do it being honest

i have a few packages i can clock up through with current vps but i'm thinking of for the future, i was under the impression if i do this usa, canada people would be servered faster by using the usa vps resources and my Uk people would use the resources of the uk vps, probably talking 70/30 split usa etc /uk doing about 10m ad impressions per month


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