Problems in setting up the CronJob


I have a rails application and trying to setup the cronjob to send out the emails.

Here is my Cronjob,

20 9 * * * /bin/sh -c "cd /srv/www/railsappdirectory && RAILSENV=development /usr/bin/env rake email:sendsignupemail >> /srv/www/railsappdirectory/log/cronlog.log 2>&1"

When I try this, I get an Error.

Error Message:

/usr/bin/env: rake: No such file or directory

Looks like the Path problem. Any help would be appreciated.



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Don't do this. Create a ~/bin directory, make a shell script that does everything you want it to, and have cron execute it. Bear in mind that cron doesn't do proper variable substitution and sets a limited PATH (which is why it can't find rake in the path). See crontab(5) manpage for details.

Also, don't append directly to log file. Use a pipe agent that supports rotation.


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