debian: apt-get install sendmail

I've been playing around with sendmail for a few days now. I installed it on my Debian Linode with 'apt-get install sendmail' Since the new version of sendmail doesnt relay email on default, one method that you can do is edit the access file for spam control. However, I noticed on the apt-get install method doesnt enable this option in the install. I had to manually enter 'Feature(`access_db')' into the /etc/mail/ file - now you should be able to edit the access file and be able to relay.

This is just some info I came across for anyone thats new to sendmail like me.

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One thing to note, if you add FEATURE(access_db') to your, you will need to create your /etc/mail/access file, then run ****make**** once, which will modify the makefile to add rules for the access file. Then, run ****make**** a second time, and it will create the /etc/mail/access.db file from /etc/mail/access - I use this along with FEATURE(blacklist_recipients') for spamtrap addresses, like: 553 Only a spammer would send to this address

Once the database has been created, you only need to run the makefile once each time you add an entry to the access file.

The self-modifying makefile also works with /etc/mail/virtusertable if you want to use a virtual user table. I use the virtual user table to allow any address at my domain to work, getting forwarded to me; this basically gives me a honeypot, and I can blacklist any address that gets spammed. So far, the only spam hits I've received have been to spamtrap addresses that I've used on USENET posts, which get 553'd before I ever see them.


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