Can someone tell me what I would need this for? Seems like something thats needed on your own server but I have no idea what for. Thanks :D

/end noob post

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It's needed for pretty much everything that uses SSL. For example, SSH. Apache over SSL (HTTPS), SMTP, and POP3 can use it.

If you are wondering if you should remove it, the answer is most likely no :)


hehe no, it didnt come installed on the debian distro. i've been ssh'ing for some time without it installed. I just installed it now.

anyone know of a howto out there that guides you through installing/configuring ssl certificates and getting them to work with apache? i've installed openssl but i'm not sure if thats the only package i need installed… maybe configure apache with mod_ssl? Thanks.

Dunno how useful those sites are.

For cheap CAs and cert info:

Don't forget about

Here is their HowTo section



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