idle SRCDS takes up 210+ mb ram

SRCDS = tf2 server. without anything running, the 768 node takes 62mb when everything is off (no apache/mysql/srcds).

when full (18 slots), the ram starts running out and the server gets laggy. ive read through the forums and have seen people claiming to run 2, 24slot servers on the 512?!

any suggestions on running a relatively low memory srcds instance?

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I'm confused. How do you start with 62, add 210, and end up with more than 768?

Can you post the output of "free -m" (1) immediately after a reboot where apache/mysql/srcds are NOT autostarted, and (2) after you start apache/mysql/srcds?

it was source tv broadcast. it was using tons of memory. the tf2 server only uses around 500mb when full.


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