StackScript Tuning Commands

I just found out about the StackScripts and think they're an awesome idea for starting new linodes. However, I have an existing linode LAMP stack that needs serious tuning and no matter what I do it doesn't seem to help.

My linode is a production service, I cannot start a new linode and transfer the stuff over without seriously disrupting things.

So, is there any way to find out what the StackScript commands: "mysqltune 40", "phptune", and "apache_tune 40" actually do? I figure if I know what they do, I can just set mysql, apache and php to those values and see if that fixes things for me.

btw, I saw those commands here: … criptID=10">

For some history, my service has been running almost perfectly since upgrading to 768. I don't get much website traffic (~75 uniques a day -- GA stat) but my linode serves as an API for my product, which gets about 3000-4000 hits a day and for every hit it gets, it pushes data out. That 3000-4000 isn't really spread out over the day, there are some clients who hit the API only a few times a day, but others who hit the API 300+ times in a specific hour.

As a point of reference, this was my bandwidth usage this month:

Incoming: 1.17 GB

Outgoing: 1.44 GB

Total: 2.60 GB

I just upgraded to the 1024 linode, probably overkill for what I'm doing, but I don't know what else to do. And it seems like everyone and their brother has a different opinion about what certain tuning values should be.

btw. I've also just installed Munin to see if that will help me figure out what's going on.

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@akerl: … ScriptID=1">

Awesome, thanks! Not sure how I missed that.


@akerl: … ScriptID=1">

Awesome, thanks! Not sure how I missed that.

It's the include that's in 10


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