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NodeBalancers - Managed Load Balancers

NOTE: If you're participating in the beta and discover an issue, please open a new thread.

So your website just went viral. Congrats! Now you have a new set of problems: How do you scale your application and services to meet your growing demand? How do you manage multiple Linodes all participating as a single system? How do you monitor the health of those Linodes, and take them in and out of rotation automatically? How do you coordinate deployment of new codebases without disrupting existing sessions?

Introducing NodeBalancers

Your NodeBalancer will intelligently distribute workloads across backend Linodes and monitor their health, taking them in and out of rotation if necessary, or if you instruct them to. Some features include:

  • Multi-port balancing at no additional cost

  • No separate network transfer charges (uses existing Linodes Transfer Pool)

  • Built-in passive and active health checks

  • Built-in High Availability

  • Static IP addresses

  • Native IPv6 enabled

  • Connection throttling

  • Session persistence

  • Full API support (link)

NodeBalancers are managed by Linode in a resilient highly available cloud cluster.

NodeBalancer Beta

We'd really love your feedback and help putting this new service through its paces! Feel free to join #linode-beta on irc.oftc.net.

How do I participate in the NodeBalancer Beta?

Participating in the beta is free of charge.

Initially we're testing the NodeBalancer service in our Newark, NJ facility. Please open a support ticket and we will make a NodeBalancer in Newark available to you at no charge.

What happens at the end of the beta?

The NodeBalancer service will be scheduled for removal from your account automatically. However, you'll have the opportunity to retain your NodeBalancer and start paying for it.

What about the other facilities?

We're ready to rock in all of the other facilities, but we're going to let this cook for a bit in Newark first. Stay tuned!

EDIT: NodeBalancer Beta is now in all five facilities


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OK, we now have the NodeBalancers beta in all five facilities! Please open a support ticket if you'd like to help us test!



What kind of tech are you using for the load balancing? Zeus, Nginx, something else?


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