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Does the Linode MAC addreses remain fixed for the lifetime of a VPS?

In other words, when I create a new VPS, a MAC address and IP address is assigned to the VPS. Does this MAC address move with the image if it's migrated to another host or upgraded to a larger VPS (i.e from a 512 to a 1024, for example)?

As a follow-on, can we "choose" a specific MAC address?

And finally, if the image is migrated between Linode DCs, does the MAC address still remain the same?


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You can't choose your MAC.

A Linode has its MAC for its lifetime - except when you enable IPv6 your MAC will change once and then never change again. If you move DCs without IPv6 enabled the MAC will change. If you move DCs with IPv6 enabled, the MAC won't change.

In the near future, new Linodes will not need to have their MAC changed for IPv6, or ever again, for that matter.

That's it!



That's fabulous news - thanks. Exactly the answer I was looking for.


With the "legacy" MAC address format, does the MAC still change if a new IPv4 address is added with a lower IPAddressID? Or does this not happen any more?

Also, not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but props for using the IPv6 transition as an opportunity to Make Things Better. :-)


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