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I would like to know how billing is being handle on a month to month base.

I just got an email from billing for next month's invoice, but a minute later… an email from billing saying that my credit card was charged for next month's invoice.

Is it that way how billing was handle here? Normally with all my previous provider, they don't charge my credit card till the current month's service was ended.

Thanks for your help.



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Linode Staff

Hello Kevin,

We are transitioning from invoicing a week in advance to billing on the last day of the month. We were invoicing 7 days before your packages expire, but due to customer feedback we're moving this to the last day of the month.

The invoicing and billing procedures are automated, but I still like to baby-sit while the procedure runs. Since I'm headed out of town for 2 1/2 days, I wanted to be here in case anyone has problems.

Starting next month invoices will happen one day before your packages expire (read: last day of the month).



Thanks for the quick reply. I have no problem with that, but just want to clear out my questions.

Is it possible to seperate the invoicing and billing procedure? Say for example, before the billing was applied to our account… people got a chance to review the invoice and update credit card information if necessary.

Thanks for help, have a great trip!



I also appreciate the end-of-month billing.

I was wondering, I cancelled an addon a week or so after I bought it, but there is no credit in my account for the remaining time. I figured I'm charged on a pro-rated basis, I should also be refunded on a pro-rated basis.


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