[Solved] Accessing Git via Subdomain (only)

I want to access the Git repos on my server via a subdomain (git.mydomain.com) only. How do I accomplish that? I set an A/AAAA record to git.mydomain.com, but where do I go from here?

Git already works fine when I just use my IP.

Thank you!

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All you need to do is point your A record at your servers IP and wait 15 minutes for Linode DNS servers to update.

Thanks, this is working now. Is there any way to make sure that only this subdomain can be used for Git?

Git over ssh? Probably not why would you want to?

I'm just interested if it can be done. Of course it doesn't really matter.

SSH only knows which username and IP address is being connected to; the protocol doesn't pass the hostname being used by the client. (HTTP is one of the few protocols that does, so it's the exception here.)


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