DNS problem on Debian box


I have a static ip debian and whenever I reboot this box, everything is fine but dns resolving is not working.

ping google.com
ping unknown host 

So I add those dns servers on linode manager to /etc/resolv.conf

After this, ping dns resolving is ok. but after reboot same problem here again.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance

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Something is trashing /etc/resolv.conf. It might be the setup of your DHCP client if you use one or it could be some other misbehaving scripting. You don't use puppet or cfengine do you? Properly not.

Check your dhcp client config and boot up scripting. None of the standard RC scripts should trash /etc/resolv.conf so maybe it's something from /etc/rc.local or a non-system script.

The Linux habit of putting wrappers around wrappers around wrappers can get pretty annoying when things like this start happening. OpenBSD is much cleaner in that regard.

Well I can't figure it out what the heck is going on and ditched the static ip and using dhcp right now.

After first boot, dns resolving is working but I am not satisfied with this cheap solution.

Any further comments about this problem greatly appreciated.


If you're static, try completely uninstalling dhclient, you don't need it.


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