Second server for migration..


I want to reinstall my server and migrate the services and data.. I only have a single linode..

Is there a way to setup a second server under the same account to configure as the new server, obviously only one would be booted at any one time, and then delete the original server once its all transferred over?


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Yes, it is indeed possible to set up a second server in a single linode. Just deploy a new distribution and you are good to go.

You can also add a second Linode, get it going, swap the IP addresses when the time comes, and then delete the original Linode.

Hoopycat - Yes, I wanted to try do it without having two accounts running.. :)

cthorpe - Can you give me an idea how to do it.. If I go to "rebuild" it clearly says "Rebuilding will destroy all data, wipe your Linode clean, and start fresh." I don't want to destroy the original one until the new one is set-up and configured..


Hoopycat - Yes, I wanted to try do it without having two accounts running.. :)

You don't need two accounts, just two linodes. When you're at the main manager screen after logging in, just click "Add a Linode". You'll have to pay for it up front (prorate for rest of this month and probably next month since it's the 15th), but you will get a credit when you delete the other one.

So, just add another linode, get it setup the way you want. Swap IP's, then delete your old one.

The next month gets added if you order after the 20th

Servers are pro-rated, so unless you take longer than a day, it'd cost you only 1/30th of a month. But if you want to do it on one system, you can shut down your linode, shrink your existing disk, deploy the new distro to a new disk image, use that as the boot image while mounting the old one, copy data over, shut down the linode, delete the old disk image, resize the new one to take up all the space, and boot.

Thanks everyone.. Think I have it..


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