Webmin ok but Virtualmin not working

Hi I set up webmin and I'm using it just fine, however when I try the virtual min address (:20000) I am getting a request timed out. How can I check if virtualmin is indeed running and if not start it?

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Virtualmin runs as part of webmin.. So both are accessed through the same place on port 10000.. As I remember there is a link at the top to switch from webmin to virtualmin..

Port 20000 is for usermin which is the user portal for reading email etc.. You may need to check the service is started and the port is open on the firewall if you cant access it (assuming its installed)..

Strange I cannot find any link to virtualmin, could it be that i need to install some module?


Strange I cannot find any link to virtualmin, could it be that i need to install some module?

If you have manually installed webmin than you would need to install the virtualmin module..

If its a new server you could use the virtualmin install script which will basically install and configure everything for you on a base system..

Webmin does not include Virtualmin. Virtualmin runs on top of Webmin, and must be installed separately–though if you use the documented method of installing Virtualmin, you don't need to install Webmin, as it will be automatically installed during the Virtualmin installation process.

And as noted, you would access Virtualmin on the same port as Webmin; Virtualmin installs a new theme that provides a link in the upper right corner to switch between Virtualmin and Webmin views. Usermin is a webmail client (plus some bonus features), and it runs on port 20000.

We strongly recommend you install Virtualmin using the automated install script we provide on the Virtualmin website, rather than trying to configure it manually…unless you have a extremely high level of Linux and virtual hosting experience and knowledge, configuring it manually is an error-prone and very time-consuming process (even if you do have that experience and knowledge, it's still going to take hours to complete the configuration if you do it manually):


With the install script, it takes 5-20 minutes, depending on the speed of your network connection. But, it does require a freshly installed supported operating system (http://www.virtualmin.com/os-support), since any preconfigurationn of Apache, Postfix, etc. will probably cause unpredictable behavior and possibly brokenness after the installation completes.

Thanks, my issue was that I was using another theme that didn't have the link!


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