Error with postfix + dovecot...

Hello everyone,

I followed linode toturial to install the post fix + dovecot + mysql, but when I try to login my smtp it doesn't work…

i keep getting a message like this on logs..

SASL PLAIN authentication failed: no mechanism available

has anyone seen something like that?

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I too have this problem. It started when I updated from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 this morning.

I'm currently using Debian squeeze

I'm getting the same issue here after upgrading to ubuntu 11.10

I get this error in the error log:

2011-10-15 16:08:14 master: Error: service(auth): command startup failed, throttling

I didn't use the distribution config file when upgrading. I converted it using the documentation found here:

That doesn't seem to work still.

I found this command, but it doesn't help me to much:

$ doveadm auth -x service=imap -x lip= john


doveadm(root): Error: Timeout waiting for handshake from auth server. my pid=21412, input bytes=0

doveadm(root): Fatal: Couldn't connect to auth socket

I fixed mine.


$ apt-get install dovecot-mysql

$ service dovecot restart

$ server saslauthd restart

Check the contents of /etc/pam.d/smtp and /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf or post them here (with the passwords redacted).

Also the command 'postconf -n', and the contents of your /etc/postfix/ If you have postfix running, 'postconf -n' will show the configuration it's currently using. contains the configuration postfix will load when you start it.

A user over at the ubuntuforums has posted a fix for ubuntu users:

Looks like lp:875440 is the bug report on the issue.

Did anyone check their logs? Including if you setup vmail, the /home/vmail/dovecot-deliver.log


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