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I sent you an e-mail message dated Oct 8 23:30:52 -0400 and haven't received any answer from you. I have noticed that since that date you have posted in this forum, so I would like to ask you if the e-mail arrived with no problems. I sent it to caker@linode.com.


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Found and replied to. My webmail program wasn't leaving a copy on the server (sigh).

Sorry about that!


Hello again.

Your e-mail message has not arrived yet. I tested my mailbox and it works fine. Maybe we are having an e-mail communication problem?.



If it is of any help, I have a contact webpage at http://contact.jtrh.com, in case we can't communicate through e-mail.

Thanks, bye!

Everything is OK now.

I welcome myself to the Linode users community :).


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