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I've recently moved my site to Linode from Godaddy. I still have my domain registered at Godaddy and my email access with Godaddy.

My site is set up to send me emails through the user contact forms and automated emails concerning site administration.

But the email account I have through godaddy isn't receiving these emails. Funny thing is, when I change my admin email to a hotmail or gmail or any other type of account, I receive the emails just fine.

It looks like there's something strange going on between having my email with Godaddy and having my server at another host while pointing it to a Godaddy domain.

Godaddy says it's not a problem on their end.

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If your contact form uses your GoDaddy email address to send your emails, you probably need to add a SRV record to your DNS. You'll need to get the SRV record from GoDaddy. If you're using a DNS manager that doesn't have an option to add a SRV record, there should be a way to adjust it to be TXT record, though since I'm not enough of a DNS expert, I wouldn't know how.

I don't think SRV records have much to do with it…

What appears in the mail server log on your server? Also, the server's hostname wouldn't happen to be exactly the same as the destination, would it? (i.e. hostname or hostname -f says "" and you're trying to e-mail "")

Thanks for the replies.

My site is built from a Wordpress platform which it seems was part of the problem. I had to install a plugin that established an smtp connection to my server.

It's strange how WP does it, but it allows you to input any email address to use as the sender address. But my Godaddy hosted email was blocking this from happening without a proper connection.


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