Fremont DC Crashed?

I'm unable to access my linode now. Either

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There is a major outage somewhere on the East coast.


There is a major outage somewhere on the East coast.

I saw a squirrel on my way home from work today.

You know, weird thing is that I almost hit a squirrel on my way home the day before. East River Road between the golf course and the laser lab? I bet it's the same squirrel.

No way… I say him hopping on some telephone lines along the turnpike, right near the sketchy hardware store in Jamesville (the one with all the lawnmowers out front).

Little bugger gets around…

You don't by any chance use Cox do you? Their DNS servers were down for a while around the time period you posted – that could explain why both links stopped working, although then I'm not sure how you would have been able to post this unless you had had in your HOSTS or were already using an alternative DNS service..


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