Why does PuTTY keep disconnecting?

i keep getting disconnected with putty!!

after a few minutes or doing a few commands, it just disconnects!

on my osx terminal, i am not getting disconnects, but sometimes it gets very lagging when sshed in!

anyone know why or have a solution for me?

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Are you behind a NAT? If so, it's possible the router is expiring "idle" connections too quickly. Your client might have an option to send keepalives every so often; this can sometimes help. (There's also an option in sshd's config, somewhere, I believe.)

no, thats not it. this just started to happen like yesterday.

If you do packet captures (tcpdump, wireshark, etc) on both ends, do they see the same packets?

I just went through this same issue, my post is on here somewhere. I never did figure out what causes the disconnects, but what fixes it is to turn on keepalives in Putty.

Go to the main connection tab, and select "Enable TCP keepalives". Also, set the "Seconds between keepalives" to 30. This fixed my issues, and I'm sure it will yours.


sometimes it gets very lagging when sshed in!
Is the server overloaded?


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