Moved My Blog last Week. Great Success

I just wanted to let people know that I so far love the Linode experience. I started a blog about 5 weeks ago, mainly out of curiosity, you know, to see what it took. I started off by buying a domain name, and a very cheap hosting plan from a shared hosting company, which I probably don't need to name. At the time I didn't think it mattered much who hosted my little hobby blog.

Well, in short time I really became attached to my little pet project. (The blog is located at, if any one cares. It is about mountain biking and mountain bike trail building, and othe stuff)

As i was loving my blog, I was appalled at how many times I was unable to access it, getting 501 errors multiple times a day some days! And the pages were loading so slow. I felt that this was unacceptable. I now want my blog to succeed for real!

After a ton of reserch. I decided to get away from shared hosting, and move to a vps. It does cost alot more ($20/month as apposed to the $2.95 i was paying from the shared host) But I hope one day my blog will generate some traffic, and it would suck to have to move it once it got any bigger.

To end this story, which is starting to get a little long, (sorry :D ) I found linode, did some research, and decided that they would be right for me. I am a linux nerd, and thought the challenge of setting up a server would do me some good (which it has) It took a few days, but in the end, I got my blog moved over to the linode server without any downtime at all.

The Linode Library was by far the best resource that I came across in my hunt for a new server. It really encouraged me to make the move, and do it myself without a control panel or anything!

Huge Thanks to everybody that is making Linode possible. This past week, my blog has been more responsive than I ever could have imagined, and there has not been so much as even a hiccup in the uptime and speed of the server.

I am delighted to have found Linode and made the change as soon as I did. is now setup for success, as long as I can learn to write some good content!

Linode's got my back!

Thanks again.

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Congratulations on the successful move, nice photo on the page header of your site.

BTW I clicked a few ad links while I was there…every little helps :wink:

Thankyou so much for your compliments and support!


thanks for sharing matbar,

I like the fact that you posted your website, others in their reviews didn't, I am someone that likes to see with his own eyes :)

Free hosting

Seems like it might be time for an update, as I have now been using Linode's service for a little over a year now.

Basically, Linode still rocks!

It's been really easy to maintain my server once I got it set up. Really haven't had to think about it. I'm still on the smallest Linode size (512mb), and after all I've done on my site, there has been no shortage of resources ever. My blog now recieves a steady 100-150 unique visitors a day (around 400 pageviews,) with the busiest day it's had pulling in 1,168 visitors and 2,626 pageviews without a glitch.

It will be quite sometime before my blog outgrows the $20 a month plan!

Thanks again Linode, loves you!


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