migrating from EC2 to Linode?

Is it possible to migrate my ubuntu image as-is to a linode server? I don't see any type of export function, but my understanding is that Amazon EC2 is just fancy talk for Xen.

I'd love to be able to move the image if possible. Rebuilding the server is a scenario I want to avoid. Thanks.

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You can't migrate the 'image' but you can try this http://library.linode.com/linode-platfo … -to-linode">http://library.linode.com/linode-platform/migration/migrate-server-to-linode

Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

I'm also interested in this process. I'm using EC2, but in the future I will want to migrate to Linode

Since the OP on this thread is nearly 10 years old, I wouldn't trust any advice it gives. Ten years is trillenia in internet time…

In fact, the link in the first response yields a 404. That should be a clue.

Since the date of the OP, Linode has switched from Xen to Hyperdrive. This link should give you some pointers:


However, I can't/won't vouch for the accuracy of any of the information presented. Linode support may have better information. You might file a support ticket and ask about it.

-- sw


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