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Hi guys, I need to move to a new hosting solution after problems with my current one. I have narrowed it down to 2. Its either or linode.

Various reviews suggest linode is the better option. My problem is I do not have the expertise to set up the server and get my sites working.

I have 3 domains each running wordpress, 2 of the domains also have pretty large forums. On one domain there is also a subdomain.

I do intend, in the long run, to learn how to administer my own server. In the short term I need help.

I need to find someone to set up the server for me, and to help migrate my sites across. Obviously I am willing to pay.

So if you have the time and ability, please get in touch either here, or by email at

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Six months ago, I thought the same way that you do: that I didn't have the expertise to setup and run my own Linode. I wasted three months of my life going through grief elsewhere. Thankfully, I didn't make the same mistake twice.

The documentation on this site is just so good. I discovered along the way that I'm learning all the stuff that could have made my two previous VPS experiences work.

In short, installation isn't the issue; system management is. In fact, installation teaches you what you'll need to know to manage your systems, especially in the initial and critical first few weeks.


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