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Sorry if this is obvious but I can't seem to find some basic info on creating a StackScript. I see the page but I can't even seem to figure out how to list all the StackScripts available.. It only sorts/lists "popular" ones. Many of the scripts reference StackScriptID 1. How do you view scripts by ID on that page?

I've also found which really should be mentioned on the page but it only mentions getting a list of scripts via a command line interface.

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Use the "Browse by Distribution" menu on the right. To see a specific stackscript id just edit the link: … ScriptID=1">


Use the "Browse by Distribution" menu on the right. To see a specific stackscript id just edit the link: … ScriptID=1">

Thanks for the URL to see by ID but that still doesn't make it easier to show all the scripts available. By randomly looking at scripts I came across this one: … riptID=131">

It includes what I would consider some very helpful scripts that I need for my own script but there doesn't appear to be an easy way for me to have found out about it without me randomly looking through scripts to see what they include. For example, it includes a script called lib-system-ubuntu ( … riptID=123"> ). How would I have been able to discover that? Even searching for the script name "lib-system-ubuntu" comes up with 166 matches, none except the one I mentioned above actually uses it.

I found a way to list all the StackScripts available although it is a bit unwieldy. Replace YOURPROFILEAPI_KEY with the API key you can find in your "my profile" at the top of the page when you login to the linode manager. This API call is unwieldy because it not only lists all the meta data associated with the StackScripts in JSON format but the actual StackScript itself. … ackscripts">

If you want to pretty-print the output from that call in your browser paste the contents in the formatter at

The other option is to use one of the language bindings listed at but the node.js one which I tried does not work.


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