IceCast 2 + Nginx


I am currently trying to install IceCast 2 on a server that is running Nginx. However, when I try to setup proxy forwarding from Nginx to IceCast 2, I am unable to broadcast from WinAMP to IceCast 2. It will connect for a second and then disconnect me right afterwards.

Has anybody been able to implement a proxy solution for IceCast 2 running behind Nginx?

Thanks in advance,

Ryan Tse

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Just curious, why are you using nginx as a proxy? I'm running icecast2 by itself on one of my linodes, and it's a champ. I've had up to 90 listeners with little or no perceptible impact on the linode, and that one is just a 512!

Probably to get the icecast server on port 80. That can often be rather important to anybody behind a client-side proxy.


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