Multiple Domains. Identical File Structure. Varying Results

I have a total of 4 test domains pointed from Godaddy to my Linode box. All of them have a file structure of var/www/

Two of them are working fine. One of them is displaying the default, "It works" message instead of the actual contents of index.php, and the last isn't resolving at all.

I've inspected every setting of the Linode DNS manager as well as the Godaddy settings. They all seem to be the same. Any ideas of what could be causing this???

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It is likely your webserver configuration. We can't really help until we know which one you are using (and preferably which operating system, as this affects how configuration is done). Knowing the domains in question would also be useful.

Thank you, Vance. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04. Sorry, I'm not sure what you meant by which configuration I'm using. The domains I'm having trouble with are and

Sorry about the ambiguity - I was asking which webserver you're using. You can find information about configuring Apache and nginx in the Linode Library. For Apache, note that Ubuntu uses the same layout of configuration files as Debian.

It looks like there are no DNS entries for any of,,, or

I could be wrong but I think the Apache configs should be ok since I have 2 other domains running fine from the same www directory. I'll look into your finding of the missing DNS entries. Thank you for your insights.

A cool free tool that I use a lot for checking remote email is intodns

You only put the domain name in (not a host name like

DNSStuff is even better, but they went over board on pricing a couple years ago. There are other free tools too, this is just one I use a lot.

In any case it will showing things about your dns, etc…


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