Is apf dead

I know when I was doing a lot of linux admin, I preferred apf/bfd and even then support for them was dying. I see some still use apf/bfd but it hasn't been updated much from 2007 and wondering if it is mostly a dead project at this point and better off sticking with iptables only.

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A lot of the apf/bfd folks I know went with CSF-


A lot of the apf/bfd folks I know went with CSF-

I remember that one, I thought it was more or less limited to CPanel installations. I'll have a look. Know if it offers a lot over the iptables/fail2ban combination?

It used to be limited to cPanel installs, but it's now available on several operating systems with or without cPanel. I use it, and like it.

I agree on csf. It works well and does not require any CPanel.


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